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Industry Introduction

Business Overview

The company has an integrated sewage collection network maintenance and sewage treatment plant operation and management industry chain. It has efficiently promoted the expansion of several sewage treatment plants and actively focuses on the regional stormwater network and decentralized sewage treatment facilities, drainage (sewage) user management, etc. The efficiency of the intelligence and information-based operation of sewage treatment plants and pipeline networks has been consistently improved, and an overall "plant, network, source, and river" industry chain has taken shape. The company’s drainage business has radiated to all towns and neighborhoods of Nanhai, and by means of BOT, TOT, entrusted operation, etc., the company possesses about 20 domestic sewage treatment projects and is the franchisee of 1 industrial sewage treatment project, with a total treatment scale of about 600,000 m3/day. At present, the company operates and manages over 1,000 km of municipal drainage networks as well as 42 sewage pumping stations.

Business Features

Overall Sewage Treatment Service Industry Chain

The company has established an overall sewage treatment service industry chain covering sewage network maintenance, pumping station management, sewage treatment plants operation, and comprehensive water environment management. It covers all mature sewage treatment applications in China, and has achieved Class A emission standards. The maximum daily treatment capacity of a single plant is up to 270,000 cubic meters.

Centralized Control Operation Management Model

By building an intelligent sewage treatment platform-level sewage pipe network smart platform, the company has centralized control of all sewage plants, drainage networks, and pumping stations, and can coordinate and optimize the allocation of resources, effectively reducing operating costs while achieving unattended sewage treatment plant and pumping station operations.

Integrated Plant and Network Operation

The company provides professional pipe network operation and maintenance services and guarantees stable effluent water quality of wastewater treatment plants through close communication and collaboration between the two sides of the plant and network. It has improved the effect of wastewater treatment, serves as a basis for environmental supervision by local governments and the planning of drainage networks, and assists in terminal wastewater treatment. The company has incorporated harmless treatment of sludge generated after wastewater treatment into its solid waste treatment sector.