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Industry Introduction

Waste Incineration and Power Generation
  • Service scope covers regions such as East China, South China, Central China, North China, and Northeast China, with proven experience in the design, construction, and operation of different scales of waste-to-energy plants—large, medium, and small, adapted to different climates such as tropical climate and extreme cold.
  • Ranking first in the List of Recommended Enterprises for Construction and Operation of Domestic Waste Incineration Projects in Guangdong Province (First Batch) issued by the Guangdong Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.
    Completion and operation of two National AAA (highest class) domestic waste incineration power plants within the same park.
    Strict implementation of national emission standards, with key emission indicators superior to EU standards.
    First implementation of domestic industry industrial design for the appearance of waste incineration power plants, with harmonious integration into the community.
  • The first fully digitalized domestic waste incineration power plant in China.
    Cooperation with Ali Cloud to introduce ET Industrial Brain into the environmental protection industry, and develop a big data model for solid waste treatment operation and maintenance algorithm that can improve the power generation rate of waste incineration power projects and reduce the number of equipment overhauls, thereby more effectively securing waste treatment for the entire city.
  • Over 10 years of experience in the operation and management of waste-to-energy projects in densely populated communities.
    Configure facilities such as environmental parks and environmental exhibition halls that are open to the public and provide value-added services to the community.
    "Installation, Erection, and Interconnection" efforts received commendation by the Ministry of Ecology.
Project Cases

Total processing scale of 4,500 tons/day, with 3 × 500 tons/day + 3 × 500 tons/day + 2 × 750 tons/day of Mitsubishi-MARTIN reverse-acting mechanical grate furnaces from Japan. National AAA Level Domestic Waste Incineration Power Project. Waste incineration power generation project recommended by four ministries, including the Ministry of Housing and Construction, for reaching international advanced level. Excellent demonstration project of urban domestic waste treatment in Guangdong Province. Excellent environmental protection demonstration project in Guangdong Province. Exterior design with the concept of diamond carbon molecular structure.

A total processing scale of 1,650 tons/day, with Mitsubishi-MARTIN reverse-acting mechanical grate furnace from Japan. One of the benchmark projects for high-standard construction and operation of waste-to-energy incineration in the cold northeastern region. Exterior design inspired by the city flower of Dalian— the China rose.

A total processing scale of 3,300 tons/day, with the first phase of processing in stable operation for more than 10 years, and the second phase adopting the Hitachi Zosen forward thrust mechanical grate furnace. The first waste incineration power generation project in Fujian Province. Awarded the "China Habitat Environment Prize" by the former Ministry of Construction of the People' s Republic of China in 2005, the first project in China to receive such an award. Circular Economy Demonstration Enterprise and Urban Waste Treatment Industrialization Demonstration Project Award of Fujian Province.

A total processing scale of 900 tons/day, with 3×300 Hangzhou New Century backward thrust + forward thrust mechanical grate furnace. Kaiping Solid Waste Treatment and Environmental Protection Industrial Park core project, with a complete fly ash safety landfill and wastewater treatment facilities, and all tail-end pollution treatment completed in one step. Exterior design inspired by the concept of "World Heritage Project" Kaiping Watchtower.

A total processing scale of 600 tons/day, with 1X600 tons/day Hangzhou New Century backward thrust + forward thrust mechanical grate furnace Waste incineration power generation + stale waste treatment and landfill remediation comprehensive services project.

A total processing scale of 1000 tons/day, with 2×500 tons/day mechanical grate furnace. Supporting public and auxiliary facilities for the entire plant. Annual effective running time ≥ 8000 hours/year.