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Industry Introduction

Waste Transfer
  • The Front-end Intelligent Comprehensive Collection and Transfer Center covers the collection and transfer of solid waste such as domestic waste, kitchen waste, and industrial hazardous waste.
    Various types of categorized solid waste transfer, patented transfer box to prevent pollution caused by leakage.
  • Centralized digital route scheduling to improve collection and transportation efficiency and controllability.
  • Real-time government control over waste production by discharge units, to increase supervision convenience.
  • Centralized disposal of collected and transferred waste into the appropriate treatment facilities to eliminate illegal dumping and transfer of solid waste.
  • Unified planning based on the disposal and geographical location of urban solid waste.
    Harmonious integration of exterior design into the community.
    Uniform allocation of special transport vehicles.
    Realization of intelligent scheduling and transportation route optimization.
  • Reduce the occupying time of domestic waste in residential areas.
    Reduce odor nuisance at transfer stations.
    Reduce waste volume and water content.
    Reduce spillage and odor problems along the road.
Typical Cases

A total transfer scale of 5,000 tons/day, including 11 domestic waste transfer stations, and 1 centralized control center, with nearly 150 professional waste transfer vehicles. The first multi-site, intensive, centralized domestic waste control operation and management information system in China Municipal Public Technology Demonstration Project by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Excellent Transfer Station Project of Guangdong Environmental Health Association