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Industry Introduction

Urban and Rural Sanitation Services
Business Features
  • Focusing on urban and rural sanitation, laterally develop a large-scale municipal management service industry chain covering garbage classification, property management, gardening and road greening, municipal road management and maintenance, public toilet management and maintenance, water management, solid waste treatment, etc.
  • The company established vertical industry chain advantages in waste classification, sanitation cleaning, waste collection and transfer, incineration and power generation, sanitary landfill, leachate treatment, and fly ash treatment, and established source-to-terminal treatment.
  • Based on the Internet of Things, mobile internet as well as big data-related technology, provide intelligent management of people, vehicles, things, and things involved in urban and rural sanitation management, and interface with the intelligent municipal network to provide the required services to managers and operators at all times through cloud services.
Service Superiority
  • Industry-based ecologicalization

    Overall solid waste treatment industry chain from front-end cleaning to back-end waste treatment, with seamless front and back-end integration, to exert a strong synergistic treatment capability.

  • Intelligent supervision

    Through the intelligent sanitation management system, promptly identify and report problems related to facilities, vehicles, personnel, events, and components in sanitation work, and collaborate in business processing to achieve efficient, collaborative, and refined sanitation intelligent management.

  • Management specialization

    Establish the "Talent Training Plan," provide targeted training based on the required management talents at all levels and formulate a standardized training system to enable the replication of standardized project management teams and technical teams.

  • Operation mechanization

    Develop a new operation model primarily based on mechanized cleaning supplemented by manual cleaning, reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers, effectively improve the quality of cleaning and sanitation operations, and improve the overall level of urban environmental sanitation.

  • Assessment standardization

    Establish a standardized operation management system as well as a "four-in-one" internal quality control system and leverage the intelligent sanitation business assessment system to realize the graded supervision and data management of "collective - branch and subsidiary - project department – position."

  • Service customization

    Provide a variety of models for participating in the investment, construction, and operation of the project according to the local conditions.

Project Cases

Hubei Yangxin Project – The case was awarded the “2019 Environmental Sanitation Demonstration Case” by the China Urban Environmental Sanitation Association. Shandong Yiyuan Project – The case was awarded the “2019 Environmental Sanitation Demonstration Case” by the China Urban Environmental Sanitation Association. Shandong Wenshang Project, Shandong Jinxiang Project, Shandong Qufu Project, Shandong Qingzhou Project, Shandong Jining Project, Shandong Liaocheng Project, Jiangxi Xingguo Project, Jiangxi Ningdu Project, Guangdong Raoping Project, and Guangdong Foshan Nanhai District Project