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Industry Introduction

Grandblue Model for Solving the Problem of Garbage Surrounding Cities
Foshan Nanhai Solid Waste Treatment and Environmental Protection Industrial Park

The first solid waste treatment and environmental protection industrial park that developed the "Grandblue Model" for organic co-processing of various types of solid waste. The Industrial Park successfully solved the urban garbage problem by minimizing the comprehensive cost to society and effectively solved the problem of NIMBYism, marking the first and by far the most mature and reputable collaborative solid waste treatment environmental industrial park in China, thereby receiving accolades from the domestic industry, government, and the public.

Overall Industry Chain
Overall Waste Treatment Industry Chain – Minimizing Comprehensive Social Costs
  • Different types of categorized solid waste transfer and patented transfer box to prevent pollution caused by leakage.
    Digitized management, and intelligent route planning and scheduling to improve collection and transportation efficiency and controllability.
    Effective supervision, with governmental real-time control of waste production by sewage discharge units, to enhance safety.
    Seamless interface between collection and disposal, with the collected waste delivered into the park for centralized treatment, eliminating illegal dumping and transfer of solid waste.
  • Multiple solid waste treatment facilities with unified planning, high land utilization, and reduced site selection difficulties.
    Centralized construction to reduce workload and communication difficulty during the preliminary EIA, safety assessment, stability assessment, and operation.
    Enhanced resource utilization level to maximize resource utilization and eliminate related NIMBYism risk points.
    Organic synergy of various waste in the treatment process and mutually beneficial resources to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.
  • Shared wastewater treatment facilities for various project facilities in the park, with all treated water being recycled.
    Zero odor and zero sewage discharge in the park, achieving 100% harmless solid waste treatment, thereby eliminating the psychological burden faced by the public.
    Complete fly ash treatment facilities and landfill facilities for waste residue.
    Safe and stable operation and up to standard emission, eliminating the risk of secondary neighbor avoidance and reducing the pressure of urban solid waste management by the government.
NIMBYism Solution
First solid waste industrial park in China operating stably for over 10 years in a densely populated area
10-year Close Relationship
with Neighborhood
A huge shift from strong rejection by the community to acceptance and recognition, from NIMBYism to mutual support and benefits.
Expansion and upgrade from single waste incineration power plant to comprehensive solid waste treatment and environmental protection industrial park.

Du Anguo

If it weren't for the friendly cooperation with Grandblue to "turn accidents into success stories," I'm afraid we wouldn't have this opportunity today (for the parallel lines of environmental talent training, scientific research cooperation, and industrial tourism).

Qin Wenshu

Our students love this base (solid treatment environmental protection industrial park), the environment inside is excellent, and we can't even notice the smell when we stand next to the garbage pit.

Aunt Bi

The industrial park has improved the community's environment, and there is no more trash flying around. The arrival of Grandblue has really changed the surrounding environment significantly.

Uncle Chen

Following the arrival of Grandblue, the residents have gradually changed their attitude towards the waste-to-energy plant from extremely dissatisfied to extremely satisfied, and the waste-to-energy plant often attends to our villagers.

Tang Jiansheng,

Initially, we were all disgusted (with the old waste-to-energy plant). But now I and a few of my friends from the village have been working here, and we all regard it as an important part of our community.
The “Nanhai Experience” of NIMBYism Solution
for Solid Waste Treatment Projects
Treatment Project
Special report in the People's Daily on advanced experience in solving NIMBYism problems.
The only industrial park for solid waste treatment in the country operating stably in high-end communities and higher education parks.
The first domestic waste incineration power generation project in China that introduced third-party supervision mechanisms.
The first domestic solid waste treatment industrial park project planned with open public welfare functions.
The first domestic waste incineration company to open its supervision to the neighboring residents.
The first implementation of domestic industry industrial design in the appearance of domestic waste incineration power plants.
Examples of the Grandblue Model