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"Glandblue Town is located in the Nanhai Solid Waste Treatment and Environmental Protection Industrial Park in Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, and includes a visit to the domestic waste disposal channel, the "Earth Blue Friends - Nanhai Environmental Protection Science Exhibition Hall" and the Environmental Protection Science Park. Hanlan is committed to providing the general public as well as teachers and students from various schools with a professional, interactive and inspiring combination of environmental science course services, and has now launched an environmental study tour with the theme of waste separation in the field.

Environmental Classes

The "Environmental Classroom" is an original project of Glandblue Environmental's volunteers. On the one hand, it is a "lecture hall" service, such as theatre performances, interactive lectures and hands-on experiments, to promote environmental protection concepts to students.

The classes are diverse and innovative, and include "Awareness of Tap Water, the Source of Life", "The Rebirth of Water, Awareness of Urban Wastewater Treatment", "A Drop of Water", "A Journey of Water Supply", "Environmental Protection Superman", and "What to do if there is a Gas Leak". safety stage play, etc. Through close integration with the industry in which the company is engaged, the professional knowledge of the lecturers is fully utilised to develop and apply targeted courses for students of different age groups, combined with good teaching modes to make it fun and educational.

Volunteer Team

Glandblue has a large team of volunteers, with one general volunteer team and 10 volunteer sub-teams, including the Water Supply Volunteer Team, Sailor Volunteer Team, Green Watch Volunteer Team, Parent-Child Volunteer Team, Zhi Xing Xi Reading Book Club Volunteer Team, Nanhai Green Electricity Volunteer Service General Team, Nanhai Gas Volunteer Service General Team, Hanlan Xiamen Volunteer Team, Xijiang Volunteer Team and Party Member Volunteer Team.

In 2019, Glandblue's volunteers are active in different environmental protection fields such as water supply, solid waste treatment, sewage treatment and gas, designing environmental protection classes, carrying out environmental protection education, helping the poor in primary schools in remote areas, and volunteering for the Party members to comfort them, etc. In 2019, there are more than 400 volunteer services and volunteer activities, with more than 10,000 service hours.